Road trippin’ – Hawaii, USA

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. That can mean many things for different people. I love the freedom that comes with solo travel: to see and experience the world outside my box, on my own time, in my own way. But sometimes life throws you a bit too much shit and you need your crew there with you.

A group of 6 girl friends facing a rough black sand beach in Hawaii with hands in the air as the wind blows our hair


A random Hawaiian dream in a passing comment turned into a spontaneous flight booking for a special birthday for my lady love, Keidi. Before long, there were 7 of us booked for a whirlwind week in the sunshine of Oahu, Hawaii.

Firstly, a slight mishap, i.e. realising 3 days before we flew out that we booked our accommodation for the following year accidentally… oops, followed by bulk hours online trying to find a replacement, it’s safe to say we were now fairly keen to just board that damn plane.

Girl sitting in the shallows on a beautiful beach while a small wave crashes in her face and she unsuccessfully puts her hands up to protect her self from the splash
Doh! Hollie getting owned by a wave

After that monumental f-up, you wouldn’t believe that most of us are travel agents. But that’d be right, we’ve spent years triple checking itineraries to send people on holidays of a life time, but we manage to screw up our own. But, take that life, we got it sorted and our new place was in an even better location, only 5mins’ walk from the ridiculous waters of Waikiki Beach.

Group of 4 girl friends smiling and laughing while walking down a concrete path towards Waikiki Beach

Yellow beach umbrellas line the waterfront at Waikiki beach on a perfect sunny Spring day

Skinny palms stand tall and sway in the breeze on Waikiki Beach on a sunny Spring day in Hawaii

Sitting in the sand in front of the calm beach water, watching the beautiful sun set over the ocean on Waikiki Beach





As stunning as Waikiki is, you need to hire a car, step out of your comfort zone and drive on the wrong side of the road, to see what else this beautiful island is hiding. And by hiring a car, I mean a canary yellow, soft-top Chevrolet Camaro convertible. Because, ‘merica!

Yellow Chevrolet Camaro parked in the carpark in front of a beautiful Hawaiian beach and green trees with me sitting on the back facing the ocean with my hands in the air


With the top down and the tunes up, we were ready to cruise around the island. However, that old chestnut up there in the sky, beamed down on our pasty skin like fire, so we had to wear sarongs over our heads to avoid melting into a pool of sunscreen and perfume. Alas, we cruised on.

View from the back seat of the soft top Chevrolet Camaro with the top down while on a drive along the road beside the ocean on Oahu Hawaii

View from the yellow Chevrolet Camaro with the top down looking out over the bright blue ocean and rugged mountains while on a drive around Oahu

View from the yellow Chevrolet Camaro with the top down looking out over the bright blue ocean and rugged mountains while on a drive around Oahu




On one of our touristy days, we decided to visit Pearl Harbour. After following the GPS perfectly, we pulled up to the gate in our babin’ Chevvy, where a uniformed security dude asked me for my Military ID. Umm, sorry Sir, left that back at the apartment. So, apparently DON’T trust the car’s GPS, because not once, but twice, we ended up in military places we didn’t belong. YOLO.

USS Arizona sunken in Pearl Harbour Hawaii

The American flag flies high in the memorial building above the sunken USS Arizona

Sitting at the back of the ferry looking out over the ocean with the American flag blowing in the breeze as we leave Pearl Harbour Hawaii

Looking out over the yellow green bushes to the sparkling water of Pearl Harbour with a beautiful blue sky and white fluffy clouds in Hawaii

One spectacular place we visited on our drive was Hanauma Bay. The colours of the water here really are ridiculous. Apparently you can snorkel here too, but there were 200 people too many in the water, and I’m fairly sure that if I were a fish, I’d find somewhere else to live with less pee in the water. Nevertheless, we jumped in the cool ocean waters and floated around for a bit before taking a car ride back up the hill, because who walks these days.

Selfie photo of 4 girls with beautiful Hanauma Bay in the background with its blue green water and mountains

Stunning colours of Hanauma bay with the rugged mountains in the background against a bright blue sky

Gabi and I facing the cold waters of Hanauma Bay

Me standing knee deep in the ocean smiling with my hands in the air





I think the main point of our drive was to go find the world’s best shaved ice stand, which happened to be on the other side of the island. However, they roped it off closed as soon as we arrived at the door. Devastating. Luckily there was a cool little pub there that we had some drinks at while pondering the flavours of shaved ice we would buy when we got back to the shop on Waikiki Beach, that was probably just as good as the place we missed out on.

Red and blue shaved ice in a green cup resting on my legs, being enjoyed on Waikiki beach, Hawaii


Touristy locations aside, just driving around the roads of Oahu taking in the beautiful scenery was something I needed; to let the worries of life slip away. With the volcanic mountains on one side, the sparkling ocean on the other, the sunset in the background and my girls by my side, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my week.

View of the Hawaiian sunset out the back of the Chevrolet Camaro with the top down while on a drive down a road surrounded by tall trees

Beautiful golden sunset over Waikiki Beach in Hawaii



If you’ve got more questions about Hawaii, leave a comment below or find me on Facebook or Instagram.

Keidi and I smiling and laughing standing in the ocean with arms around each other

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